Class of 2017: Remarkable Reports!

28 July 2017

We’re continuing to reflect on our Class of 2017, celebrating the achievements that children and young people in our care have made in the past 12 months.

End of year school reports provide a great insight for foster carers and for agency staff when it comes to the performance of children and young people at school. While we continually keep in great communication with schools, it’s delightful to see a full report on each child’s progress over the year.

While reports highlight areas for improvement, they also demonstrate a recognition of hard work, successes and fantastic personal achievements of the children and young people in care. It’s great for us to read such comments, but equally as rewarding for the youngsters who are shown that their efforts are recognised, and who can enjoy reading positive comments about their work and character.
We’ve taken some snippets from some of the school reports we’ve seen so far*…
‘C received an attendance trophy, he got the only gold award in the school…’
‘M is a great role model for the school.’
‘K is extremely likeable, her caring and friendly disposition makes her popular amongst both her peers and teachers.’
‘E has achieved 100% attendance, the only child in his class to do this.’
These are just a small selection of some brilliant comments we had the pleasure of reading this year, and we wish a huge well done to the children and young people who continue to work hard in school. We hope that they enjoy a well-deserved summer break!
 *Full names of individuals removed for confidentiality purposes. Quotes taken Summer 2017 from reports for children and young people looked after by Team Fostering carers.