Team Postcards

13 September 2017

The holidays might have come to an end but this September we're sending out postcards, highlighting why you should come onboard as a foster carer with Team and truly make a difference.

As Autumn approaches, perhaps you’ve started thinking about a change in career, perhaps the kids have left home for university and you fancy a new parenting challenge or maybe you’re already a foster carer who is thinking about transferring agencies.

Team Fostering is a not-for-profit agency, which gives us the ability to provide our carers with a multitude of opportunities and support. More importantly, we are able to provide children and young people with an outstanding range of activities, trips and holidays, educational support and input into how our agency develops. In fact, in our latest Ofsted inspection we were rated outstanding!

As a foster carer, the journey is yours, and no two are alike, but if you let Team Fostering pave the way for you, we’re confident that you will truly shine.

Below are the postcards we've sent out so far, but keep your eyes peeled for more!